success case

Automation of Meat Processing Unloading in a Positive Cold Environment

The Challenge in Context

Our client was confronted with the need to automate the unloading process of boxes of palletised food products in a positive cold environment, with temperatures ranging between 0-4ºC. The operation was carried out in a warehouse with three loading docks, which posed a significant logistical challenge.

Loading Robots Solution

A Nalon Backbot is installed, which works alternately in the three loading docks. In this particular case, the Nalon backbot unloads up to 3 trucks per hour, with each truck carrying 33 europallets of palletised products. This ensures a seamless and efficient unloading process.


Since its deployment in 2016, this truck back unloading automation solution has proven to be a major success. Among other benefits we highlight:

Increased Efficiency

The unloading automation has enabled the customer to significantly increase the number of trucks in operation.

Reduced Labour

Significant savings in labour costs have been achieved, while improving safety in the working environment.

Accuracy and Consistency

The Nalon backbot ensures robust accuracy and consistency in the unloading process, minimising errors and product damage.

Operation in Cold Environment

The solution has proven to be reliable and effective in the positive cold environment, ensuring the integrity of the palletised food.

Our Added Value

Strong customer relationship. We continued to maintain effective and collaborative communication throughout the implementation process and provide an effective after-sales and maintenance service. Our After Sales Service is an integral part of our commitment to delivering high quality solutions and customer satisfaction.