success case

One-shot truckload alternative
for leading FMCG company

The Challenge in Context

Prior to implementing the Loading Robots solution, our client, a global player in FMCG, was facing significant challenges in truck loading. Despite having tried several automation solutions, they were looking for more efficient alternatives that overcame the limitations of one-shot loading due to:

the load takes up too much space in the dispatch area
(non-optimised or unavailable warehouse space)

the lack of flexibility in handling different pallet types
and load configurations on the trailer.

Loading Robots Solution

We offered to introduce an innovative system for the customer, using the Nalon Backbot loading robot, designed for truck back loading. This robot has the capacity to load up to two trucks per hour, each with 33 Euro pallets or 26 UK pallets. The system was adapted to handle and load pallets according to the customer’s logistical specifications, allowing the loading of rows of Euro pallets (11 rows x 3 narrow rows) and UK pallets (13 x 2) on different types of trailers.

Handling and loading process
The process starts with the receipt of pallets from the roller conveyor. The PFD machine compacts the pallets before the Nalon Backbot comes into action. This robot adjusts the position of its forks according to the type of pallets, loads them accurately and safely, and moves carefully to the loading position on the truck, all controlled by advanced sensors.


Since its implementation in 2018, the system has proven to be highly effective and reliable. Truck loading has become more efficient, faster and safer.


Faster truck loading

Significant increase in loading speed, allowing up to two trucks per hour.

Lower operating expenses

Reduced operating costs through improved efficiency.

Solving labour shortages

Elimination of reliance on manual labour in the loading process.

Compliant with European regulations

Complete automation of the process, dispensing with the constant presence of a driver.

Safer truck loading

Reduction of risks associated with manual loading, minimising possible damage to the load.

Our Added Value

In addition to the generic benefits of automation, our added value lies in the confidence we give our customers in our ability to develop additional benefits to the installed system. We are committed to our customers to continue to innovate and expand the scope of use of the technology, ensuring that our solutions evolve with the changing demands of the logistics industry.