success case

Human error mitigation and cost reduction for a European FMCG company

The Challenge in context

Our client, a major European FMCG company, was struggling with significant challenges related to human error in its warehouse operations. The high costs associated with these errors prompted the need to explore automation solutions to improve efficiency.

Loading Robots Solution

To meet this challenge, the Nalon Backbot was installed in a state-of-the-art, high-density automated warehouse, perfectly integrated with the client’s ERP system. The Nalon Backbot solution for automating loading processes ensures accuracy and reliability in the management of goods.

Since the inception of the project in 2018, the results have been very positive. The installation was carried out at the same time as the relocation of the warehouse, which demonstrates the adaptability of the Nalon Backbot solution to diverse operating environments.


Cost reduction

The automation of warehouse processes led to a substantial reduction in operating costs, especially those associated with human error and returns management.

Error minimisation

The introduction of the Nalon Backbot resulted in a significant reduction in human mistakes during the loading process, ensuring a more precise and reliable workflow.

Improved efficiency

The automated system streamlined warehouse operations, significantly enhancing the overall efficiency of goods handling and distribution.

Inventory accuracy and reliability

Automation contributed to improved inventory accuracy, reducing discrepancies and decreasing the risk of out-of-stock and overstock situations.

Our Added Value

Following the installation of the Nalon Backbot the process of loading trucks reliably and smoothly has been a great improvement compared to the previous situation.

We continue to provide ongoing support as part of our commitment to innovation and customer success, ensuring that our automation solution evolves with the changing needs of the dynamic consumer goods industry in general, and this customer in particular.