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Efficient on both sides: How Nalon Sidebot has transformed beverage loading for ABInBev in Foshan, China

The Challenge in Context

ABInBev, the world’s leading multinational brewer, faced the challenge of optimising its intralogistics at the Foshan plant in China. The goal was ambitious: to implement a simultaneous side loading system on two sides of the truck in less than 10 minutes, improving efficiency and reducing waiting times in the dispatch area.

Loading Robots Solution

Finding a solution adapted to the customer’s needs in a plant as complex as ABInBev’s in Foshan required an innovative solution. Two parallel Nalon Sidebot pallet side-loading systems were implemented to reduce loading times significantly. In addition, the system loads up to two pallets on each side of the truck simultaneously, increasing the truck throughput and the number of dispatches of the company’s truck fleet.

This implementation was certainly a challenge. The distance, the considerable volume of production and the covid pandemic added to the complexity of the process. However, through meticulous planning and customised adjustments, we were able to successfully integrate the Nalon Sidebots, demonstrating their versatility in a demanding logistics environment.


Since their deployment in 2020, the Nalon Sidebots have exceeded all expectations. The two-sided simultaneous side loading system has demonstrated consistent and efficient operation, achieving the ambitious goal of loading beverages onto a truck without labour risks and with considerable time savings.

Intralogistics at ABInBev’s Foshan plant has undergone a significant transformation thanks to the introduction of Nalon Sidebot technology.


Operational Efficiency

imultaneous side loading has optimised the efficiency of the process, reducing loading time and improving productivity in the dispatch area.

Reduced Waiting Times

The synchronisation of the Nalon Sidebots has minimised truck waiting times, contributing to streamlined logistics.

Lower Mistake Risk

Automation has significantly reduced the possibility of mistakes and workplace accidents in the loading process, increasing both accuracy and safety.

Operational Innovation

Nalon Sidebot is an innovative system developed entirely by DF Logistic Systems, which allows optimising the side loading of canvas trucks, making it a scalable and flexible solution.

Our Added Value

Despite the specific difficulties, we carried out the remote installation and commissioning of the Nalon Sidebots, thus ensuring operational continuityand on-time delivery of the solution. Our commitment and ability to adapt to challenging logistical environments is a key factor in the success of this project.